Add Curb Appeal with a Front Door Makeover


What your front door and entry way say is the first impression people have of your home. Making the most of that first impression starts with choosing the right door and keeping it up to date and stylish. Keeping the entrance to your home looking spruced up and endearing will also add value to your home.

Add Some Color!

Choosing the right color for your door can be a big decision. A nice contrasting color to the house paint is always a good choice to make your entryway pop. Bright colors such as sunny yellow or brick red are great choices to draw attention, but never underestimate the elegance of a beautifully stained wood door as well. Updating the molding around your front door is another great tip for freshening up your porch and front door. Using a molding that draws attention and giving it a paint coat that frames your colorful door can be just what is needed to give your front door that finished look.

Choose the Right Hardware

Finding the perfect hardware to match your new door can be as important as choosing the right color or design for your door. Installing antique brass, or oil rubbed bronze hardware can make your doorway memorable and classy – just be sure to find an door installation company that offers additional hardware options and upgrades so you can get the perfect finishing touch. Door knockers and peep sites can add an elegant element that is hard to achieve. Considering a mail slot can also give your door more appeal and depth especially when you have the perfectly matching hardware that compliments your door’s color. A mail slot is also convenient as it keeps you from needing a separate mailbox which can be an eyesore or hassle.

Add Some Accessories!

Accessories can make or break the appearance of anything, the same goes for the entrance to your home. Potted plants are a great choice to make your doorway seem inviting and lovely. Flowers like tulips during spring and marigolds in the summer can add a fresh, lively element that others will envy and admire. Different types of pots can be used as statement pieces. Large colorful pots, round, short, or tall can all send different impressions to your visitors. Matching the pottery to your entryway is a wonderful way to tie the whole look together.  If your thumb isn’t all that green, don’t worry, there are other options. Adding a seasonal wreath or a door hanging can be inviting and stylish. Even simply picking up a new welcome mat to put out can be just as welcoming and stylish.

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