Choosing Roof Shingle Colors

roof shinglesThis is the perfect opportunity to add some curb appeal! Shingles can last up to 50 years and is one of the most significant investments a homeowner makes. The first step is choosing the best contractor in your area, such as, Curb Appeal Home Improvement Co. in Pennsylvania. Curb Appeal uses manufacturers like Owens Corning, Atlas and CertainTeed roofing systems. Your contractor will help you with options, pricing, and advise you when choosing colors.

Today’s software allows customers the ability to download a picture of their home and view their options before deciding. Take a look at the other homes in your area. It’s best to separate your self from the pack for a distinctive appearance. While siding is important, it’s not the only consideration in picking shingle colors. Looking at the design of your home, are there too many colors or textures (such as rock or brick)? In that case, your roof should have a smooth or flat surface in a monotone color. Using the more permanent finishes on your home when matching color is the best idea.

If you are planning to change your trim and/or siding, you should consider that when picking roof colors. A new shingle color could bring your existing look together, or inspire a new palate.

If you use a lot of copper in your home, consider a copper roof for a rich feel. If your home is monochromatic in design, consider adding shingles that appear thicker, giving your roof a textured look. Make sure to compliment your existing colors, not match them exactly.

Following a theme is an easy way to match your roof, trim and siding. For example, A Spanish style home looks best with warm clay and brown tones. While a Victorian style looks best with a gray tone. There are several other themes for homes such as Ranch, Bungalow, European, and new American to name a few. Your style may not follow a specific theme, but you may incorporate some design elements from one to help the overall flow of your home.

Consider the climate when choosing color. While lighter shades don’t effect your inside temperature, black could make a ten degree temperature difference in your home, depending on where you live. Opting for gray of brown shades is a better option if you live in a warmer climate.

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