Designing Your Own Custom Deck

Deciding to have a deck installed can be a big decision and might seem overwhelming. Benefits of increasing outdoor living space and adding value to your home are good incentives to customizing a deck that fits with your needs and style. There are a lot of choices to make with the decision to add a deck to your property. What kind of materials are a good choice for a deck? What are important things to remember when designing your custom deck? Many of these questions can be answered by a contractor that will do a home visit to discuss what you are looking for and give you a cost estimate. The contractor can also discuss options to stay within your budget while ensuring you get the custom deck you want that meets your needs.

Things to Look for in a Custom Deck

Some things to consider when you are designing your custom deck is that you want to have enough space for the uses you intend your deck to be serving as well as balancing available space for a deck on the property. Having an easily accessible deck that is inviting compounds the usefulness and value a professionally installed deck can add to your property. Other things to consider in designing your custom deck is how much privacy you hope to have in your outdoor living space as well as giving your deck a sense of enclosure that can make it more likely that friends and family will feel comfortable spending time using the deck.


Vinyl decking is a great choice for your custom deck for several reasons. Vinyl is a man-made composition that doesn’t act like wood, which means no splinters! Not only this, vinyl also doesn’t require the same maintenance for upkeep like wood decks such as sanding and re-staining yearly to keep up appearances. Vinyl can fade after prolonged exposure to sun but some vinyl decking comes pre-treated for this. Vinyl decking also comes in a variety of colors to increase the ease of matching your new custom deck with your house and color scheme you desire to use. Wood-looking vinyl is an option for those that are looking for a more traditional look, but want the ease of upkeep that comes from having a vinyl deck installed. Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your deck looking its best. Any questions about materials can be directed to a contractor who will have more personalized information for your custom deck.

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