Fusion Welded Frames and Sashes

Having up to date and professionally installed windows offer a host of benefits for you and your home including adding value and curb appeal. Professionally installed windows can add beauty and style to your home and allows for better energy efficiency which means more savings! For replacement windows in Harrisburg PA, Hershey, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg and throughout Central Pennsylvania Curb Appeal Home Improvement Co. is the region’s trusted source for quality composite, wood, and vinyl replacement windows. After more than 30 years of experience our trusted professionals can get the job done right at a reasonable price.

Home Window Replacement Options – Oh, my!

There are so many options to look at when you have decided to replace old windows it can be hard to know where to start. Some important features to look for in your new windows is how much strength and support the window has and provides, as well as researching whether air infiltration is reduced to a low, energy efficient level. This helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as save money on your energy bill!

Choosing a fusion welded sash and frame is a great choice because it offers years of peace-of-mind for homeowners. They are built to maximize strength as well as reduce air and water infiltration, keeping your home in its best condition. Ensuring a window stays perfectly square will help installation go smoothly and allow for the most beautiful results. Fusion welded frames and sash are made to be stronger and sturdier because they are built using a four-point welding system. Corners are cut extremely accurately and fusion welded together to eliminate joints or sections of window that may be prone to leaking over time. This makes this kind of frame and sash less likely to crack or break like mechanical frames.

Professional Installation Matters

It is tempting to do many home improvement projects by yourself but there are some important reasons to let professionals handle others. Window installation can be tricky to do correctly by yourself and it makes a big difference whether or not you get all the benefits of the window you bought. Paying for a highly energy efficient window does little good if when installed it is done incorrectly allowing for energy loss a different way. Many homeowners do not have a break to bend metal to cover the exterior wood trim. Installing window casings is part of a professional installation which most homeowners skip thus allowing for air drafts and water infiltration. Professionals will do a great job at ensuring your home looks beautiful and stylish as well as making sure that your windows are installed correctly to maximize efficiency and can extend the lifetime of the window.

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