Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

older wood sidingReplacing your home’s siding can be a major undertaking, but if it’s necessary, doing so can save you from much more expensive repairs later on. Siding is the protective outer layer that shields your home from all the elements of nature. Keeping your home’s siding in excellent shape is very important and should be one of your top priorities as a home owner.

It can be tricky to tell when exactly your siding needs to be replaced, but these are some of the biggest signs:

Sign #1 – Warping or bulging

It’s common to see subtle “waves” when standing at a corner of your home and viewing down the length of one side, but variances beyond 1/2″ or true bulges can be signs that you have an issue that needs to be addressed. If you find a severe bulge or wave, inspect the entire area to assure the siding has no gaps that are allowing in moisture.

Sign #2 – Signs of rotting

If moisture does penetrate your wood siding, it will lead to rotting of the inner side. As long as you keep a nice layer of paint and primer on your siding there should be no rotting on the outside, but gaps in the siding can allow the inside to rot over time. This is a reason most home improvement companies – like ourselves – suggest installing vinyl siding instead.

Sign #3 – Increased heating & cooling costs

Siding plays a major role in the insulation of your home, it is the strong outer “skin” that fully covers the insulation and other components of your home. If your heating or cooling bills are rising each season – and not just because of rate increases with your utility providers – it is likely you have a problem with your siding or another component of your exterior wall system system.

How do I know when a full siding replacement is necessary?

Often times you can get away with replacing a single segment of siding instead of needing a complete replacement. Much like deciding when to replace your roof’s shingles, it depends on the severity of the issues and the age of your siding. If your siding is 10+ years old, repairing can be a very short-term fix. Also, if a major portion of siding needs to be replaced it would make sense to do a complete replacement.

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