Tips to Minimize Your Heating Bill This Winter

wall thermostatColder temperatures are arriving nationwide, and if your home isn’t prepared heating costs could really shoot through the roof. This checklist will help you minimize heating costs and enjoy a warmer, cozier home this Winter.

Check weatherstripping around doors and windows

Weatherstripping is made of rubber, and like all rubber materials it eventually becomes brittle and cracks. Check all window and door perimeters for cracked or missing weatherstripping and replace as necessary. Studies show that over 10% of heat loss can occur due to poor weatherstripping alone.

Check exterior door thresholds

If there’s a gap below exterior doors in your home this can be a serious problem. Just like weatherstripping, gaps in door thresholds can allow large amounts of hot air to escape from your home.

Check for screws that allow you to adjust the height of your threshold. If they exist, adjust the threshold up to the point where it touches the bottom of the door without causing too much friction. If your threshold is not adjustable, use weatherstripping to close the gap.

Utilize Wood Stoves or Fireplaces

To allow your main home’s heating system to remain off most of the time, use space wood stoves or fireplaces as often as possible. If you are able to keep the main area of your home warm by using fire wood, you can leave the main system off a lot more. Fire wood remains one of the cheapest forms of heating. Be sure to check the working order of your wood stove and chimney by a professional before using.

Cover doors and windows with transparent plastic

Use transparent plastic film to trap more heat inside your home. This can lower your winter heating bill by over 10%. Plastic film is quite inexpensive, and can be an extremely effective way of trapping heat and limiting the amount of times your heating system turns on throughout the day.

Maintain your HVAC system

It’s extremely important to make sure your HVAC system is in tip top shape going into the colder half of the year. The effectiveness of your heating system can be the #1 factor in determining how cost effective it is. If your filters are dirty and your system isn’t operating correctly, it can run for almost 200% as much time to produce the same amount of warm air for your home.

Upgrade your thermostat

Yes, fully programmable thermostats seem expensive, but you can recoup the upgrade cost in less than a single winter season. Fully programmable thermostats can greatly reduce the amount of times your system has to kick on to heat your home. In the winter, keeping your home’s temperature set lower when everyone is sleeping at night, you will see a large energy savings over the winter heating season.

These are our top tips for reducing heating costs this winter. We hope this helps you stay warm while keeping your heating bill at a minimum!

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