Top 4 Signs That Your Roof’s Shingles Need Replacement

roof shingles repairReplacing your roof’s shingles can be one of the more expensive home maintenance tasks you’ll come up against, but doing so can save you far more money down the road. Shingles serve as armor for your home and once that armor has been pierced, that’s when the real detrimental & expensive damages can occur. That’s why if your home’s roof is showing signs of needing to be repaired or replaced, you absolutely should not ignore them.

Here are the top signs that your roof needs extensive repairs or complete shingle replacement:

Sign #1 – Shingles are losing an excessive amount of asphalt

Are you noticing loose asphalt around your home? Maybe it’s coming through the rain gutter system or being blown off during storms. When an excessive amount of asphalt is coming off your shingles this leads to premature aging of your shingles. If your shingles are newer – less than 10 years old – and this is occurring, it can be a sign of faulty product that may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Home owners and business owners in the Harrisburg, PA should contact us for assistance in determining whether or not your warranty will cover a shingle replacement at little or no cost to you.

Sign #2 – Shingles are curling up

You can view from the ground different angles of your roof, preferably when the sun is in a position that allows you to clearly see the “lines” of your roof. If you see shingles curling up or warping this can be a sign that your shingles are past their prime and are becoming less effective in protecting your home. The best way to determine if your shingles are past their life cycle is to call a professional roofing contractor for a complete roofing system evaluation.

Sign #3 – Missing shingles or exposed flashing

When inspecting your roof, witnessing missing shingles is a very clear sign that your roof’s shingles are in need of help. Missing shingles are typically easy to spot because the flashing – typically black – is exposed and shows through when a shingle tab falls out of place. If your overall roof is still in good shape, single portions of the shingles can typically be replaced, but often times this is a sign that all shingles are getting old and fragile.

Sign #4 – Roof’s age

Even if your roof isn’t showing the above signs, if it’s a standard 3-tab asphalt roof and is 18+ years old it may be in need of replacement. Standard asphalt roofs can go from “okay” to “must replace” in a matter of a single season or two once that 18 year mark comes & goes.

My roof does show signs of needing repairs, what should I do?

If you live in the Harrisburg, PA area we are more than happy to assist you in inspecting or replacing your roof’s shingles. Shoot us and email or give us a call, our contact details are shown on our contact us page.